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The House of Wedemeyer from Foerste am Harz

1941 Dr. Ing. Otto Wedemeyer, a retired milldirector published two parts of a book about the descendants of Hans Wedemeyer, born ca. 1440. Part 1 contains round about 1000 persons of the surename Wedemeyer and traced the migration of the stocks during 500 years.

By now 75 years have been gone and it seems that no one of his successor continued the pedigree. Therefore this webpage is listing the "end-of-line children" of the genealogical table and gives descendants the chance to find the connection point to the genealogical table.

As far as it is possible bounded in copyright, it is even possible to continue the genealogical table and to create additional genealogical tables of Wedemeyer who cannot traced back to progenitor Hans Wedemeyer.

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