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The generation-identifier is a prefix of relationship (father, mother, parents, child, aunt, uncle, ) and describes the difference of generations between those two persons.

generation identifier abbreviation
2 grand Gr
3 (1st) great-grand UGr
4 2nd great-grand Al
5 3ed great-grand AlGr
6 4th great-grand AlUGr
7 5th great-grand Ob
8 6th great-grand ObGr
9 7th great-grand ObUGr
10 8th great-grand St
11 9th great-grand StGr
12 10th great-grand StUGr
13 11th great-grand Ah
14 12th great-grand AhGr
15 13th great-grand AhUGr
16 14th great-grand UAh
17 15th great-grand UAhGr
18 16th great-grand UAhUGr
19 17th great-grand Er
20 18th great-grand ErGr
21 19th great-grand ErUGr
22 20th great-grand ErAh
23 21st great-grand ErAhGr
24 22nd great-grand ErAhUGr


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