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The Family Name Register menu contains two submenus. The Books submenu first lists the areas for which marriage register publications are available. A link can be used to jump to the beginning of the list of individual books. For each book it is stated whether the names are already included in the general register or marked on the Locaton Register Map. The following symbols are used for this:

Symbol Meaning
📝 in progress
👎 no

The general register is created from the individual registers. The individual registers were not checked for errors. Any existing errors are consequently transferred to the general register. References and other comments from the individual registers were not included.

Thank you very much for your support in editing the listed books:

Georg Grüneberg: WP I 2, WP I 3, WP II 15, WP II 16
Gesellschaft für Familienkunde in Kurhessen und Waldeck e. V.: KW III 1.1, KW V 1.2, KW V 1.3, KW V 2, KW V 3, KW V 4.1, KW V 4.2, KW V 4.3, KW V 4.4, KW V 5.1, KW V 5.2, KW V 5.3, KW V 6, KW V 9, KW V 10.1, KW V 10.2, KW III 11.1, KW V 11.2, KW V 13, KW V 14
Jens Th. Kaufmann: CE I 1, CE I 2, CE I 3, CE I 4, CE I 5, CE I 6
Dr. Maren Dieke: HI III 1, HI III 2, HI III 3, HI III 4, HI III 5, HI III 6, HI III 7
Jürgen Bergmeier: EE III 1, EE III 2, EE III 3, EE III 4
Stefan Sienell: ES-KO VI 1, ES-KO VIII 2, ES-KO IX 3, ES-KO VIII 4
Kerstin Rümenap-Knappe: SN III 9, SN III 10, SN III 11, SN V 1, SN V 2, SN V 3, SN V 4, SN V 5, SN V 6, SN V 7, SN V 8, SN VI 12, SN VI 13, SN VI 14, SN VI 15, SN V 16, SN V 17, SN V 18, SN V 19, SN V 20


I am grateful for corrections and instructions.

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Last update: 2024-07-12